Phasing-out of patents, dried up product pipelines, low returns on R&D investment – many analysts have predicted a dark future for Pharma. Is this really accurate or yet another shift in the healthcare industry towards new opportunities – shaping new markets and innovative offerings?
With smaller firms being targeted, new opportunities have come along for those who believe in a constantly growing market still underdeveloped und not yet serving more than 15% of the global population sufficiently. Exhibiting decades of local and international industry experience on executive level provides pragmatic guidance to Pharma, Biotech, Med-Device and other health care companies.

Creating incremental value not only through strategy development but also through M&A on an international scale.


We believe in investments into under-managed assets. Sourcing through our broad network of relationships with real estate companies, private equity firms, family offices, entrepreneurs, and financial intermediaries offers a broad portfolio of opportunities. We provide access to strong in-house experience with major product types and niche businesses, and to our relationships with industry experts.

Asset management includes asset development and real estate services, being a partner to other divisions in- and outside the own investment arena.